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CPI exists due to the complexity of binacional projects in the border of Mexico and USA, the number of participants, authorization processes, binational communication, and administrative political structures.

CPI also specializes in the instrumentation of passenger trains in Mexico.

Project Coordination:
Development and Followup

The installation of technical groups to give followup to the projects with the participation of all the necessary players to measure results and solve the problems that present themselves day by day through these processes.

Binational Management between Mexico and USA


The instrumentation on both sides of the border the steps that the federal dependencies require to reach a positive outcome of the projects and to achieve consent before the binational group of CPI.

Planning for Strategic Instrumentation


With the purpose of having a wider vision of the border zones a new planning method has been created that is based on successive approximations to achieve instrumentation at the same time of the planning process and to avoid making plans that do not end up in the development of infrastructure.

Agreements Among Participants


The complexity of binational infrastructure projects is mainly due to the large number of participants and their interests. This obliges us to carry out the negotiations to achieve consent between them.

Conflict Resolution

In the instrumentation of binational projects we encounter multiple challenges, like changes in government administration, transparency of the processes, financial resource acquisition, the attributions of different government levels on both sides of the border, cultural aspects and competition, where we can encounter conflicts that need to be resolved in order to keep the projects moving forward.

Project Instrumentation

The most complicated part of a project after generating the main idea of the instrumentation is the method used to make it real, this is why it is extremely important to establish a critical route that takes us to conclusion that benefits all the participants. 

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